At Pacific Blue Capital we advise, originate and invest capital for our clients and strategic partners

Pacific Blue Capital is a private investment firm that specialises in the Design, Build, Finance and maintenance of government projects.

The expertise and experience of the Pacific Blue Capital leadership team provides an unparalleled advantage when working with the government sector and allows for a clear understanding of the objectives and drivers of government in relation to the delivery of public projects. As a result of this, we identify, promote and develop opportunities for investors seeking ongoing equity positions in this space.

Pacific Blue Capital is a trusted partner to many established institutions and is a specialist advisory for institutions seeking to invest alongside the Australian Government.

We work with a range of capital partners such as superannuation funds, banks and hedge funds to identify the most efficient mix of equity and debt financing. This allows us to deliver maximum value and efficiency to investors and government in each of its projects.

Pacific Blue Capital is seeking to grow its partner base to other leading companies who can benefit from our networks and expertise.

Our goal is to establish a diverse investment base that ensures an appropriate risk exposure across industry sectors and delivers a stable asset investment base for our private shareholders.

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