Adrian Tripodina

Adrian Tripodina has close to 15 years’ experience in business, real estate, and venture capital. Having graduated with distinction in Commerce / Business Law, Adrian was recruited to run a Hospitality company in Brisbane, specializing in fresh food and liquor, before returning to Sydney to work for the family business, Tristate Produce, a wholesale enterprise at Flemington Markets, where he oversaw its growth to become a leading vertically integrated operation with farms, retail and wholesale serving Australia’s leading chains Woolworths, Coles and Aldi. Adrian then grew a company called Tristate Holdings (which was started by Santo Peter Tripodina as a small wholesaler of fresh produce) into a diversified private investment firm to deploy capital across a range of sectors including agriculture, real estate, infrastructure and venture funding to start-up enterprises focused on IT-based software solutions for industry and Government. As Executive director, Adrian’s role includes procuring finance through his close network of banking associates as well as delivering strategic industry partners on key projects.